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Dance Styles

Dance Classes West ryde & Parramatta


A stylised form of dance that focuses on the stylistic and performance aspects of dance. Consists of a jazz warm-up, stretching and body isolations followed by across the floor progressions and centre floor work. This class will help keep the dance student physically fit and eager for more creative movement.


This style of dance focuses on expressive foot rhythm, percussion, sound clarity and variety in speed. Consists of barre work, across the floor progressions and center floor work.


Celebrated for its beauty, Classical Ballet is the traditional form of dance that evolved from court dancing. Over time it has been refined to the skilled and artistic version we see today. With a sound ballet technique dancers can develop an easy transition into other forms of dance. Ballet trains the body carefully, developing strength, control, coordination and line.

Modern/ Contemporary:

Once considered avant-garde, Contemporary dance is derived from modern and post modern dance with innovators such as Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham. This class is particularly helpful to those studying dance as a school subject and for HSC. It focuses on such things as centering, alignment, gravity, breath, contraction, release, fall and recovery, suspension, balance and off-balance, tension and relaxation, opposition and emotion.

Hip Hop:

An urban fast and fun style of dance that includes locking and popping movements to today’s modern music. It has evolved as part of the hip hop culture and can be referred to as street dancing. This style of dance is seen into today’s music videos and dance clubs.


In drama, students learn skills in improvisation, characterisation, voice and projection, group collaboration and team building. Through various drama exercises, script performances and analysis, students are able to explore and develop their own creative ideas in both monologue and group based work. The end of year concert gives drama students the opportunity to realise a piece of dialogue from characterisation to costume design, and from script interpretation to performance.