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Ballet & Tap Examination Classes

ADV Classical Examinations

In our 11th year of association with Australian Dance Vision (ADV) students at Stepaside Studios are given the opportunity to sit examinations in Classical Ballet. The teaching faculty at Stepaside believe examinations are an effective way to maintain a holistic & balanced approach to dance training. The ADV syllabus enables students to learn various facets of dance including creativity, mime, musical rhythms, safe dance, history & body science alongside all the important technical training. Parents are encouraged to read more about the advantages of the Nationally accredited standards & the registered training certificates on offer at Speak with Reception to find out how to get involved in our unique Examination programs today!

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Glen Wood Tap Examinations

In 2023 Stepaside Studios is transitioning into the Glenwood Tap Syllabus for our younger grades. Glenn Wood Tap is more than a tap syllabus – it is like a tap emporium that encompasses many avenues to help create the best tap dancers. These include the fabulous syllabus, dynamic choreography to download and social media tools for students to keep in touch. You can learn more about this fantastic syllabi at

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